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With IMAR, the purchase process with China is legal, trustworthy and complying with international laws.


Product Search & Supplier Authentication

We have direct contact with many fabrics in Asia. We have a great variety of catalogs with products of diverse industries and offer a specialized product search and customized OEM products. Our team will help you identify the suppliers that are legally established and certified.

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Sample Handling

Before your purchase, we assist you in ordering and collecting samples directly from suppliers, and send them for your approval and selection, helping you save on shipping costs. We keep samples in our offices in China to compare with production and avoid disparities between what you ordered and what you received.

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All our negotiations are done according to the law. Having a team in China that knows the market and the business customs, we can guarantee the most competitive price on the market, and the best terms and conditions. In case a supplier does not have a US Dollars account, IMAR receives your payment and pays the supplier in Yuan.

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Production & Quality Inspection

We have a solid team of 100+ qualified and certified inspectors in each region of China, who can be in any fabric in less than 48 hours and generate an inspection report in different languages. We make sure that the quality of the product is the expected by the client, and in case of displeasure, the order can be reviewed or cancelled based on the terms negotiated by the parts.

The principal elements examined on the product are:

  • Appearance
  • Dimensions
  • Functionality
  • Performance
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Loading Inspection

Our team is present in the fabric when the order is being packed and loaded, taking pictures of the process to guarantee that your goods are loaded completely, in a suitable container, and packed and sealed appropriately for your products to reach your destination safely. This prevents the client from receiving a quality or quantity inferior to what they paid for.

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Cargo Consolidation & Warehouse Storage

To facilitate small retail purchases, we offer the service of cargo consolidation. We put your goods with other small cargo in a container to be able to offer you economic, fast, and safe transportation. If you need warehouse storage, we offer up to 30 days of free storage in the cities of Shanghai and Ningbo, and up to 10 days in other cities.

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We have partnerships with the principal Shipping Lines in China, and we guarantee that your products will be transported in the fastest and most efficient way. We offer different logistics options depending on your needs, time, and budget.

The main means of transportation are:

  • Air Freight
  • Sea Freight
  • Land Freight
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Customs Clearance

Depending on the payment terms agreed with your supplier, we offer a primer service if you need a company with experience to assist you in the Customs Clearance process. Customs at origin and at destination are very busy and transited, by having diligent, qualified, and experienced personnel we avoid unexpected delays and issues. We guarantee your goods and exportation documents are cleared and confirmed before going through Customs.

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Door-to-Door Delivery

We take your cargo to your door without delays, damage, and mishaps by having partnerships with the best logistics companies. After contacting IMAR, you can stay focused on your business, because you have an ally making sure you receive your goods at your door when and how you expected.

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